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The VidaPlus Healthcare Membership Program

When you join VidaPlus, you’ll enjoy unrestricted access to all the top-notch medical services that you need, without all the costs.

VidaPlus offers 50% to 90% discounts on all our services, depending on the plan you choose. This includes the primary and specialist care that your family needs, when you need it. 

VidaPlus is a great fit for:

  • Uninsured workers
  • New immigrants without health insurance
  • Seasonal, part-time employees, (restaurants, small business, day-care, handlers, etc)
  • Entrepreneurs and freelancers
  • Students no longer on their parent’s insurance
  • Those with no means of paying for health insurance
  • Spouses exempt from their partner’s insurance

Choose between our VidaPlus and VidaPlus Premier plans to help you enjoy a healthier lifestyle, receive premium treatment, and access full medical support. These memberships are a great tool to support the long-term management of chronic diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, high cholesterol, and other healthcare conditions.

Becoming a VidaPlus member is easy and affordable, with a small first payment and a monthly fee. Do keep in mind that membership payments vary with the age of the applicant, the plan chosen, and the number of family members you would like to have under the plan.

The payment process is easy, and you don’t need a Social Security Number (SSN) to sign up. Choose the monthly payment method that is easiest for you using credit card, electronic check, cash, or money order.

Please note: VidaPlus is not health insurance and should not be considered a substitute for health insurance holders. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the VidaPlus membership level?

If you’re healthy and want healthcare support to help maintain excellent health, this is the plan for you.

VidaPlus benefits include discounts on annual physical visits, work, school, and sports physicals, preventive care visits, urgent care visits for healthcare issues like cold, flu, pains, labs, and tests like mammograms, vaccines, x-rays, and ultrasounds and more.

What is the VidaPlus Premier membership level?

This plan offers chronic disease management for people who might be at risk of developing chronic health conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, high cholesterol, and more.

Alongside the chronic disease management visits like labs, tomography, MRI, nuclear electrocardiogram, OGTT, family planning, and pregnancy care, VidaPlus Premier members also receive all the standard care support they need.

How does VidaPlus work?

It’s simple–when you sign up for VidaPlus and maintain your membership through your monthly payments, you will have unrestricted access to all the health services that Lifedoc offers with 50% to 90% off any service needs, based on your chosen plan. That’s it!

What benefits and services can I expect with a VidaPlus membership?

All VidaPlus members receive 50% to 90% discounts all service costs, dependent on which plan you have chosen. These services include pediatrics, neo-pediatrics, family medicine, endocrinology, cardiology, and internal medicine.

How do I become a VidaPlus member?

Start by filling out the application and making your initial membership payment. Once your first payment is complete, you can start to enjoy all the perks of your membership.

How much does it cost to become a VidaPlus member?

The starting fee to enroll is $25 per family. After that, the monthly costs are:


  • $54.99/month for adults
  • $39.99/month for children

VidaPlus Premier:

  • $69.99/month for adults
  • $59.99/month for children

Are there any family discounts?

Yes, family discounts are available. We offer 10% off for families between 2-4 members, and 15% off for families with 5 or more members.

What does payment look like?

We offer flexible payment methods including, cash, check, and automatic withdrawals from your bank account or credit card.

Do you require Social Security information in order to apply?

No Social Security Number (SSN) is required to become a VidaPlus member.

Is VidaPlus the same as health insurance?

VidaPlus is not a replacement for health insurance because it provides discounted services that are available at our clinics or with our clinical partners. That said, we offer a broad spectrum of clinical specialties and primary care services that make VidaPlus a valuable membership to many families with a wide variety of health needs.

How soon do I get my VidaPlus benefits once I am registered?

Once you complete the registration process and make your initial payment, you are eligible to instantly access all the benefits associated with VidaPlus membership.

Is there a termination fee?

VidaPlus is not a contract membership, so termination can be exercised at your discretion, with no termination fee.

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