Community Involvement

Our mission at Lifedoc is to create effective care models to improve health and empower communities. We do this, not only by offering exceptional and affordable clinical healthcare services, but also through community engagement programs like school-based care and food security initiatives. We are always working toward the goal of seeing a healthier Mid-South community as a result of our combined community engagement strategies.

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5 Satellite Locations

Additional locations will allow us to expand our reach in underserved communities. Costs would cover all medical equipment, property costs, and employee salaries. Our goal is to exceed 20 patient visits per day. Each satellite becomes financially self-sustainable around 1,500 patients, which is projected to occur within the first 18 months after opening.

In-School Healthcare Support

Out of multiple schools who have reached out for us to provide in-school services, we selected Green Dot Public Schools as a pilot partner. At Green Dot Public Schools, we will be able to provide wellness exams to a large number of students, helping to prevent risks at a such a pivotal age. About 2,500 students would receive annual well exams per year.

in-school healthcare
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Population Health Initiatives

Through 15 years of learning and understanding our patients’ needs, we are dedicating significant efforts to replicate our outcomes within the community through population health initiatives such as:

Wave of Health Intervention Program

Wave of Health engages with schools to combine screening tests, food delivery, health, and education. We are trying to positively impact health outcomes in communities by applying a health delivery system through schools. Through this program, we meet with students, families, and staff to give them access to the services they need, while also following up with them to measure progress.

Healthy Prepared Meals Initiative

We are working with strategic partners to prepare delicious, nutritious, and affordable meals to be delivered and distributed to the community in a more convenient way, replacing poor diet choices with better ones. We are building an impact-oriented business to combat neighborhood-specific food insecurity.

Memphis Food Insecurity and Accessibility Collaborative

The Food Summit

Lifedoc is part of the Memphis Food Insecurity and Accessibility Collaborative and we helped organize the Memphis Food Systems Summit. The Memphis Food Systems Summit was an opportunity to align the efforts of individuals, non-profits, and community organizations to develop and implement creative, effective, efficient, and sustainable solutions to the many barriers to food security Memphians face daily. For the health and safety of our community, this summit will be virtual. Participants heard from local experts with a passion for improving Memphis’ food system and engaged in conversation with all summit participants about problems and potential solutions.

Memphis food systems summit - October 22, 2020